Our translators are specialists in the field of linguistics and at the same time carry out a research activity and adaptation of the text. The translators are assigned to each project according to their experience and familiarity with the translated field.


Our interpreters are ready to offer you simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or chouchotage (business translation) at business meetings, conferences, auctions or simple meetings attended by one or more foreign language speakers.


In order to avoid transmitting a distorted or incorrect message that could affect your image, our professionals correct, where necessary, any errors related to punctuation, spelling, grammar, lexical or semantic errors.


Whether it’s a video audio or a written document, our professionals can help you transcribe the original message into various formats (electronic or paper).


By applying the apostille, the origin of the official act is thus authenticated, being recognized by all the signatory states without other formalities of superlegalization. We can handle your documents!


Our team of translators consists of professionals who graduated from a philological faculty, being authorized by the Ministry of Justice or those who passed an exam and obtained the right to practice from the Ministry of Culture. Our collaborators have extensive experience in the field of translations.

One of our priorities is to ensure that all translated materials are transmitted and stored under conditions that comply with international standards of strict confidentiality.


Manuel Barneo

Alexandra (one translator of the company) is a person who collaborates very well; she works with professionalism and enthusiasm. Our interpretation project was during a GDR training with the company IDEL SL ( SPAIN), and our translators were a real help in transmitting the message from Spanish to Romanian and vice versa.

Chiosa Cristina

I highly recommend. High professionalism services, an extraordinary team.

Doru T.

Very pleased. I recommend!

Onofrei F.

I am satisfied with the services offered. Thank you!

Selma Ali

Excellent services!


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